We are so proud of Ellen's results! Her consistency and hard work paid off and she like 7.5 inches in just 28 days!

"I have been going to MPowered for about 7 months now and I absolutely love it! I have never been one for the gym, so this is totally great. You're outside and doing something different every day which makes working out fun! The best part about this program is the people. The trainers are all awesome and always push you to do your best. Every member is so friendly and encouraging. This is truly the best environment to get in shape and have a great time no matter what your fitness level is. I would definitely recommend MPowered to everyone!!" - Alex S - San Jose

Jamie was our grand prize winner! In just 28 days she was able to lose 11.5 inches! Way to go Jamie!

Summer Slim Down TOP Success stories

Mason's had amazing success during our challenge. He lost 12.8lbs and 19 inches!

"MPowered Bootcamp is the best! I've done other bootcamps, but Mike & Melanie's is by far the most supportive, organized and well run! Mike is a great instructor and his workouts are always varied and very rewarding. Melanie makes sure all members are up to date and notified about any scheduling changes and special events (like the New Years Challenge). Both are always available by email or phone so you feel connected. For someone like me, who has not been an athlete all her life, these workouts have made a huge impact on my life today." - Sheri L. - Willow Glen, CA

"I have trained with Mike in group boot camps, and most recently, a one-on-one personal training.  In just eight weeks, I experienced amazing results!  Not only did I lose weight, I lost a significant amount of inches and body fat, and have more energy than ever.   Mike's nutritional coaching also went a long way in helping me to achieve my goals.  Mike's enthusiasm and passion for what he does is evident in each of his workouts.  His caring and compassionate attitude for his clients, along with fun and motivating workouts,  keeps me coming back.  Thank you, Mike!"

-Karen S - Los Gatos, CA

"I would strongly recommend Mike as a trainer, workout coach to ANYONE.  Whether you're just starting to workout, trying to get back in shape, or already in great shape, just looking for a refresh; Mike is the only person you need to workout with.  As he gets to know his clients, (of many various levels), he gets to know what's important to you in a workout, how to push or encourage you; and truly tailors each workout to allow you to get faster, stronger, and leaner.  Working out has always been important to me, and part of a daily schedule; having someone that changes that workout constantly, and comes up with new ways to challenge your endurance and physical strength on a daily basis is priceless.  Mike always has a positive attitude, patient, quick to laugh and never yells or scream at us, a pleasure to work out with.  I came from a kickboxing studio and also participate in dance classes; adding Mike's bootcamp has encouraged a leaner body, friends and family notice and continue to reduce body fat.  Give Mike a try for at least six weeks, and you'll notice the difference."

-Samantha M. - San Jose, CA

Alex really worked it during our challenge and lots 8 inches in just 4 weeks! Amazing!

"I am happy with my success and I feel a lot better about myself since I've been with Mpowered bootcamp. 
Its the best results that I've ever gotten from any kind of work out and everyone should be involved with this bootcamp. 
And thanks to Mike and Melanie for the professional workouts and exercises. These two really take the time to empower and promote a healthy living style. This is the perfect solution for people who want to lose a little more.
I recommend this program to everyone and encourage all to join." - Norma, San Jose, CA

Marilyn was one of our grand prize winners! She lost 9 lbs and 20.5 Inches!

Willow Glen, San Jose, & Campbell   |  +1.4086215181  |  info@mpoweredbootcamps.com

"I have loved my 6 weeks at bootcamp and am looking forward to continuing on.  (Haven't always loved waking up at 5:30 am!!) I've been so impressed with all of the instructors, the workouts and with everyone who takes the class. Everyone is so motivational and I haven't always found that in other bootcamps.  This is my third bootcamp I've taken over the past 7 years, and this has been the best experience for me.  I will be signing up for the unlimited monthly membership later on this afternoon."-Kim C

Mimi C came in a close second to winning the challenge. She lost 11 inches and 7lbs in 28 days! Those 7lbs accounted for 4% of her total body weight!

"I lost my Dad in October and had let my health fall since he passed. I signed up for Mpowered Bootcamp summer slim down thinking it would be the accountability I needed to get my health back.  I never dreamed of the happiness I'd feel from accomplishing class 4 + times a week. The coaches are supportive, and the workouts are  challenging to say the least. I think i was as shocked as Coach Mike by my results.  Slowly but surely I'm getting my health & fitness back and the Mpowered team are a great part of that." - Jamie C - San Jose, CA


Summer Slim Down TOP Success stories

`I love to be active and workout, but the only workout I find that I can be consistent with is bootcamp. The workouts are different every day so it never gets boring and there is always a way to take it to the next level when the time comes. I love doing the challenges because while I am consistent with my workouts, I struggle with the nutrition side of it. The Summer Slim Down Challenge kept me motivated to stay on track with my nutrition and motivated me to do extra workouts! I had been struggling to lose the extra 7 pounds for months and the Summer Slim Down is the reason I finally achieved that goal! I will admit that Mike is my husband so I may be a little biased, but I'm actually his toughest critic! After living with him and going to his bootcamp classes for 6+ years, I am still shocked how he comes up with new exercises and always keeps me motivated! Whenever I'm about to reach a plateau there is a new challenge. The best part is this applies to all our members at MPowered Bootcamps! He is not the only one keeping me on track too, our community has become so close that if I ever a miss a class I have several people reaching out asking me why I didn't come to class. We are each others support system and being part of a community really is the best way to stay on track!" - Mimi C - San Jose, CA

"I love MPowered Bootcamps! Mike and Melanie have created a bootcamp that is challenging, friendly, and fun.  The trainers, Mike, Casey, and Katie, are fantastic!! Each workout offers variety in a great outdoor setting, and the trainers always have alternative options if something is either too easy or too hard for your personal level. No two workouts are the same, and often incorporate team work with others making the challenges fun and social at the same time.  I have experienced amazing weight loss and fitness results during my time at MPowered -- losing weight and inches, while gaining strength and endurance. MPowered is a fun, friendly, results-oriented bootcamp. Give it a try - you'll love it!"

New Year Challenge TOP Success stories

"Just when you think you've tried everything and can't be bothered with another new workout, along comes MPowered Bootcamps to prove that with just a little hard work and dedication, along with a fun group to workout with, you will see that difference you have been looking for.  Working with Mike, Melanie and their team has been a blast, and has proven results for me.  With options to do something physical every day, there is no excuse to miss these great classes.  And they provide travel workouts so when you can't be at one of the classes, you want to do it on your own.  I have been having fun with this team for over a year now, doing things I never thought I could at my age.  I even like Burpees.  That's just not right." - Ellen L, 56, San Jose, CA

Norma's hard work paid off when she lost 11.5 inches during our challenge! 

"MPowered Bootcamps is the best place to workout. They have flexible times as well as locations along with special events that motivate you to get in that extra run/walk/burpee/whatever. I love being outdoors, and every day we do something different. The best part of MPowered is the people. Mike, Casey, and Katie bring energy, excitement, and encouragement to every class -even at 6am in the freezing rain! Also, feeling like a member of the team among the other campers will motivate you to show up and get moving no matter what your fitness level." - Mason Los Gatos, CA