mpowered-1mpowered-2At MPowered Bootcamps, we strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your workout goals and your life. That’s why we offer various times and locations so you have flexibility with your workout schedule. Our outdoor fitness bootcamps are specially designed in order to get the fastest results. The workouts combine strength training, cardio, and high intensity interval training. We workout under the sun in the beautiful outdoors and can promise that no two workouts will ever be the same! We believe that variety is the best way to train your body so that you are guaranteed to avoid plateaus and never get bored. We have modifications for every exercise to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities.

MPowered Bootcamps’ community is the heart of this company. Our members create a fun, friendly, and supportive atmosphere while our trainers push them to their physical limits. Many of our members become close friends and the support they provide makes everyone feel welcome. Besides being the best at getting results, one of our main goals is to bring our community together through a variety of social events.

About the Owners

mpowered-4mpowered-3MPowered Bootcamps was started by husband and wife, Mike & Melanie Cable. Mike & Melanie are both extremely passionate about sports and fitness and together make the perfect team.

Mike has always been a motivator. Growing up, he was the team captain on many of the sports teams he played on and continues to motivate today as a high school physical education teacher, football coach, baseball coach, personal trainer, and bootcamp instructor. Teaching bootcamps changed Mike’s life as he found his passion in helping others achieve their fitness goals. The first time Mike took a bootcamp class, he thought it was the best type of workout he has ever experienced (and this is coming from a guy who endured endless “double days” for football training). It is the perfect combination of cardio and strength training, not to mention it’s a LOT of fun! Mike is known for his killer workouts while still making sure everyone has fun! Mike is not only an awesome coach, but he is very compassionate and understanding and is dedicated to ensuring the bootcampers’ success. Come check out one of Mike’s classes for yourself! You will LOVE it!

Melanie has always loved sports. Growing up she tried just about every sport (except football) with her favorite sport being soccer. In addition to playing sports, she was (and still is) a sports-fan fanatic and loves watching baseball and football. While she was in college, she stopped playing recreational sports and struggled to find a workout program she really loved. She tried all sorts of group fitness classes at the gym and tried to keep herself motivated to run on her own, but nothing was getting her excited. Once Mike started teaching bootcamp, Melanie found another reason to love Mike. Bootcamp was and is the best workout she has ever experienced and years later she still loves it and can’t imagine doing anything else. It is always different, the group atmosphere is great, and it continues to push her to her limits and get her results!


mpowered-5Casey Gomez

Casey has always had a passion for being active! Growing up she played almost every sport and spent her summers running wild in the mountains of Pennsylvania. While away at college she realized she had to make time to stay active and tried a formal group fitness class. She instantly fell in love with the concept! She has tried a variety of classes but what makes MPowered Bootcamps so special to her is the outdoor space, which the trainers use creatively to help people stay inspired and motivated. It is a great mix of cardio and resistance training keeping the classes fresh and fun. Being active is so important, it can help you grow physically as well as emotionally. We all have our reason to be at bootcamp, she is here to help you reach your goals!

mpowered-6Katie Burke

I grew up playing sports, lots and lots of sports. Being active was always such an integral part of my early life that I really didn’t even notice the benefits that it held until later in life. Not until after school did I realize how poorly I felt when I did not make exercise a priority, not just physically but mentally. Working out is not about being a perfect size or shape, but about feeling alive and happy. With this new realization I decided to get into the fitness world as a career. I always knew I wanted a job that helped others in some way, and through coaching and training people I am able to help them be their best. Nothing beats that! I have been doing personal training and teaching group classes for about 5 years and hope to soon further my education into physical therapy.

I also love dogs, doing photography, and my one year old boy who likes to watch me do burpees and laugh.

Ashley Haight

Sports and fitness have always been a huge part of my life. Growing up I competed in almost every sport imaginable, however, field hockey quickly became my favorite. I graduated from Willow Glen High School in 2009 and attended UC Davis where I majored in Communication and competed on the Division I Field Hockey team. After graduating from Davis I moved back to Willow Glen, began my marketing career, and coached the Willow Glen High School Varsity Field Hockey team for 2 seasons. That is where I discovered my passion for coaching. I have always loved all things surrounding athletics—the opportunity to spend time outside, the relationships you build with those you workout with, the excitement of competing, and most of all setting goals and pushing your body to it’s limits to achieve those goals. I love being able to share my passion of fitness with others and through coaching I am able to do just that!

mpowered-7Shelley Olds

Shelley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science. She served as the captain of the Roanoke College soccer team for 2 consecutive years from 2002-2003. She was named All-State, All-Region, and was nominated as an All-American. She started cycling when she moved to Los Gatos in 2003. During her career as a cyclist, she became one of the highest ranked road and track cyclists in the World. She was the Pan-American Road Race Champion in 2010, two-time National Criterium Champion in 2010 and 2011, and a two-time National Scratch Race Champion on the track. Shelley has competed in 5 World Championship events since 2010, with a 6th place overall finish in 2014.  Shelley’s most memorable and highest achievement in cycling was competing in the 2012 London Olympic Games. She finished 7th overall.

Shelley has recently retired from professional cycling and is pursuing a career in Health and Fitness.  She has recently moved back to the Los Gatos area after living overseas in Spain for the last 5 years. She enjoys running, cycling, playing soccer, and hiking.  She is committed to using the knowledge she gained over the last 10 years as a professional athlete at the World-class level, to help people of all backgrounds achieve their health and fitness goals.

mpowered-8Linnea Lukatch

Linnea recently moved from Chicago to California to seek adventures in the mountains and to play near the ocean! She loves backpacking, surfing, and playing her favorite sport, beach volleyball. She played indoor volleyball throughout high school and college (where she majored in English Literature) and is always ready for a pick up game! Fitness and wellness are huge aspects of her everyday life and she heavily tries to encourage friends and family to experiment with different forms of yoga and meditation. Linnea particularly loves how yoga slows the world down and gives one a chance to love and accept oneself unconditionally. She especially loves creating yoga practices for athletes because post-workout is when she thinks yoga feels the best! Our muscles after physical activity are craving attention and we can nurture our bodies to feel relaxed, less sore, and more flexible. She is so thrilled to be a part of MPowered and can’t wait to meet all the members!

mpowered-9Adam Galvez

I grew up in the Cambrian area playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. After playing soccer and baseball at Leigh High School, I attended West Valley College where I received an AA in Communications. After spending many years working in retail banking, I decided to pursue my passion for sports and physical activity and went to San Jose State University for a BS in teaching Physical Education. I am currently in the final phase of my teaching credential at San Jose State, while working as a P.E. teacher for Rhythm and Moves in the Campbell Union School District. In addition to coaching JV Boys Soccer at Lincoln High School, I am the proud father of two young boys, Noah and Cadan.