1. Diet Tricks to Slim Down Fast

    We all have moments of weakness. We eat three cupcakes instead of one. We skip an entire week at the gym instead of just a day. We make excuses for why we are failing at keeping up with our goals. And soon enough we found ourselves further from our fitness goals then when we originally started. Per…Read More

  2. Bodyweight Workouts to Do Anywhere!

    Being healthy and maintaining a good fitness level can be hard to do with a busy schedule. It is difficult to juggle making healthy meals, taking care of your kids, going to work, getting enough sleep, and keeping a social life all while trying to squeeze in some gym time. Working out would be easi…Read More

  3. Making Achievable Fitness Goals

    Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, start working on our overall health, and get fit. But how often do we actually achieve those goals? How often do we obtain the fitness level we were hoping for? How are we supposed to make goals that are easier to achieve? Making goals, espec…Read More

  4. Benefits of MPowered Bootcamps

    You just signed up for a new gym membership. This is the year you finally get rid of that beer belly and tone your muscles, you are determined to get into a regular workout routine and go to the gym at least five times a week. You walk into the gym on the first day to see muscle heads lifting equal…Read More

  5. Willow Glen 5K -May 13

    Join the MPowered Group on May 13th to support Willow Glen Elementary School! The race starts and finish right at the school where we do bootcamp! It is a 5K and you are welcome to run, jog, or walk. Feel free to bring friends a family members too! To sign up go to http://www.wg5k.org/ …Read More

  6. Group Hike – Sunday March 12th

    Group Hike Sunday March 12th at 9AM Where: Quicksilver at the Mockingbird Entrance – Meet at the parking lot – Directions below This is a really fun hike! It starts out pretty steep, but has great views! Should take 1 to 1.5 hours. The Mockingbird Hill entrance is accessed off Mockingbird Hill L…Read More

  7. Wine Night – Feb 28th!

      Thank you to everyone who came out to our most recent wine night on Tuesday! As always, it is so fun to get together outside of bootcamp. Also wanted to give a special shout out to our challenge winners! So proud of everyone! Leslie lost the most inches with a total of 9 inches Melanie lost the …Read More

  8. MPowered Events-WG5K

    Join us in supporting Willow Glen Elementary School by running/walking in the Willow Glen 5K! This is our second year doing this race as a group and it was so fun last year we decided to sign up again! MPowered is one of the event sponsors so come stop by our booth before or after the race! Melanie …Read More